Friday, December 09, 2011

Properti E-commerce terbaru

Properti adalah sektor bisnis yang cukup ramai
Industry ini telah menjadi sesuatu yang trend belakangan ini, properti sangat cepat berpindah tangan sesuai dengan kebutuhan kenaikan populasi penduduk, kebutuhan tempat perkantoran dan usahal. memfasilitasi broker, pemilik properti untuk menjual, sewa dan cari properti di Indonesia. Dengan system yang mudah digunakan dan gratis semua bisa memanfaatkan layanan ini. Segera upload properti anda untuk di jual dan selamat sukses.

Properti, Properti

Property yang menggiurkan
Business property mem

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Effective Marketing Tips for Facebook

Internet marketing is now considered to be essential in the business world. With it, you will be able to get more clients and significantly let your business grow without spending too much money. Internet marketing is a new breed of marketing. It is very different from marketing on the real world and for most people, internet marketing is quite complicated.

If you don't know how to market on the internet, the best way to start is by marketing on one of the most popular social networking websites available today, which is Facebook.

First of all, Facebook is primarily a social networking website that is designed to let people communicate with their friends in a dynamic way. It also serves a way for people to meet new people and establish new relationships.

For internet marketers, Facebook is packed with features that can be used to market products and services as well as their business website. If you are a first time internet marketer who wants to start easy, you might want to start with Facebook. You will see that Facebook will provide you with a lot of marketing potential and also help you let your business grow.

The great thing about Facebook is that it is steadily growing. Today, it already has an estimated 64 million subscribers. With this number, you will definitely be able to find a lot of people who will be interested in what you have to sell.

Also, Facebook has all the tools you need to market your products or services. Even if the tools and applications here are designed for communication, you have to consider that the main point about internet marketing is communication.

Facebook has all the communication tools that you will ever need.Facebook also recently launched its Facebook Ads feature. Here, you will be able to officially advertise or market your brand, business or products. You can even market your website here at Facebook Ads.

At Facebook Ads, you will be able to take advantage of its great marketing tools, such as the Advanced Targeting feature. Here, you will be able to target your niche market by age, gender, interests, location and more. This will mean that you will be able to easily target the clients you want. By having this feature, you will be able to quickly find people that may be interested in purchasing the products or services that you are offering.

The Facebook Ads will also provide you with Trusted Referrals. With this feature, you will be able to attach friend to friend interactions about your business to your ads. Facebook encourages word of mouth marketing. This is a great feature as people are more likely to buy a particular product that is recommended by the person they know.

Starting in Facebook Ads is very easy. The first is by pasting the URL of your website. After that, you will choose the audience you want. You can choose the age range, the location, education status, political views and relationship status. You can also include some keywords that will normally show up on interests.After that, you will create the advertising where you will insert a title and a body. You can also include a photo if you want. The last step is by setting up a budget.These are some of the tips that you should try to remember when advertising in Facebook Ads. By properly using it, you will be able to get your money's worth and eventually let your business grow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


  1. People make decisions emotionally. They decide based on a feeling, need, or emotion, not though a logical thought process. That’s why intangible benefits are the keys to persuasion. When you’re writing, you should ask yourself, “What is the emotional hot button here?”
  2. People justify decisions with facts. Example: a man sees an advertisement with a photo of a sports car and instantly falls in love. However, he can’t bring himself to buy the car based on a feeling, so he reads the copy for technical details about the powerful engine, safety features, and low maintenance. He wants the car because it makes him feel good. But he buys it only when he can justify the purchase rationally.
  3. People are egocentric. The word “egocentric” means centered around the ego or self. We all see the world in terms of how it relates to us personally. So when your copy asks someone to do something, it must also answer the unspoken question, “What’s in it for me?” On a deeper level, the question might be “How does this give me feelings of personal worth?”
  4. People look for value. Value is not a fixed number. Value is relative to what you’re selling, what others charge, what the prospect is used to paying, how badly the prospect wants it, and how the prospect perceives the difference between your offer and others. You must demonstrate a value that seems to be equal to or greater than the asking price. The greater the value relative to the price, the more likely people are to buy.
  5. People think in terms of people. The human brain is not a computer, calculator, or information processor. Scientists have shown that its primary function is to deal with social interactions. Remember how some mathematical questions in high school were stated as real-life situations? They were always easier to understand and solve than abstract problems. Your copy, therefore, should feature people through names, personal pronouns, quotes, testimonials, stories, photos of satisfied customers, etc.
  6. You can’t force people to do anything. When people buy, it’s not because you wield some magical power over them. You can urge. You can push. You can entice. But ultimately, people do what they want to do. This means your job is to show how what you’re offering meets your prospect’s needs.
  7. People love to buy. Some say people don’t like to be “sold.” Not true. People love to be sold. They love to discover wonderful new products and experiences. What people don’t love is to be cheated or tricked. Therefore, it can be helpful to change your analogy of the marketing process. Instead of “selling” to people, try to “help” them. Sell good products, make appealing offers, and treat people fairly. That’s a surefire formula for success.
  8. People are naturally suspicious. It’s true that there’s a sucker born every minute, but most people are moderately skeptical of any offer. They seek to avoid risk. You can never predict the level of suspicion any particular person has, so it’s usually best to back up all claims with evidence, such as testimonials, survey results, authoritative endorsements, test results, and scientific data.
  9. People are always looking for something. Love. Wealth. Glory. Comfort. Safety. People are naturally dissatisfied and spend their lives searching for intangibles. At its simplest, writing good copy is a matter of showing people how a particular product, service, or cause fulfills one or more of their needs.
  10. People buy “direct” because of convenience and exclusivity. If people could easily find the things you offer at a nearby store, that’s probably where many would buy them. So if they are not buying from you directly for sheer convenience, they’re doing it because they can’t find the item elsewhere (or just don’t know where to look). That’s why it’s wise to emphasize the convenience and exclusivity of what you wish to sell.
  11. People like to see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, or smell it before they buy it. Some people never buy online because they can’t examine the merchandise. Some items, such as books and CDs, are tangible and familiar enough to sell easily online because there is little doubt about the physical quality. Other items, such as clothing or food, may be a harder sell — at least until people have a satisfactory buying experience — because quality may be variable. Think about how people buy things in stores and ask yourself if there is some element of that sensory experience that is missing from your sales message.
  12. Most people follow the crowd. Most of us are imitators. We look to others for guidance, especially when we are uncertain about something. We ask, “What do others think about this? What do others feel? What do others do?” Then we act accordingly. This is why testimonials and case histories are so influential.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface. Psychology is a deep and eternally revealing line of study. And while I don’t believe in making things more complicated than they have to be, I think there is great benefit in knowing not only what people do, but also why they do it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today is another history, made...

I have to learn every step of the way how they made it or I have to know them and be with them. To cut short all the process, in the mean time negotiation even 

Monday, July 28, 2008


Innovation Marketing dengan DJARUM BLACK

Memang nggak bisa di pungkiri kalo Djarum black adalah pioneer di community marketing. Dari autoblackthrough sampe INNOVATION semua di luar dugaan. Mereka di rasa aggressive, loud and success. Bener-2 thinking out of the box.

Cara mereka luntuk branding memang unik, dan jauh berbeda dengan competitor. Mereka sangat jauh lebih menonjol. Autoblackthrough menggaet kalangan mobil dan anak-2 gaul. Ehenmm (sambil garuk2 kepala). Dan INNOVATION menstimulasi kreatifitas yang problem solving, dan tentu kami tidak akan meninggalkan jasa mereka terhadap existensi URBAN ART art yang sangat upront dan creative urban style di Indonesia.

PT Djarum terutama dengan DJARUM BLACK memang patut di banggakan, DJARUM BLACK adalah perusahaan Indonesia yang pertama yang berani Branding scala international yang tidak kecil. Di USA dan Eropa Djarum berani berunjuk bahwa di Indonesia juga punya the New Cool Kids On The Block.

The result, mereka berhasil memenangkan hati dunia, yang di buktikan dengan bungkus Djarum black pernah terjual di ebay seharga $50 rupiahnya sekitar Rp 450.000 dimana itu harga untuk 7 slop DJARUM BLACK di Indonesia. Dan ini harus di akui perusahaan yang lain, supaya jangan di Indonesia mulu..heheehe.Go international..dong bro..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mixed Tape Mercedez Benz

Kata-2 mixed tape di kalangan Hip-hop dan DJ’s sering di katakan untuk menyebut demotape, tapi membuat kata itu memilikis kelas yang beda. Industry music yang bener2 crowded akhirnya banyak artist menemukan ruang gerak yang unik, kalo di Indonesia mungkin yang di katakan branding itu berarti Samsons atau Nidji tetapi kalo menurut Mercedes Benz tidak demikian, branding menurut mereka adalah, reaching out to transmittal talented young artists. Artisnya ada Kan Sano dari Japan, Selena de Leon, Mohanski, Stereo Inn, dan loe semua yang ngerasa punya potensi juga boleh masukin mixed tape lo…

Web ini oke juga, dia presenting entertaining dan informative, formatnya seperti online magazine plus channel gitu dehh..Videonya keren-keren abiz buat lo yang mempunya taste yang lebih specific. Mercedes Benz sudah merilis MIXED TAPE sejak 2004, gw kurang tahu berapa jumlahnya udah ,. Juga di sini ada banyak lagi hal-yang interesting banget.

Music yang di cover pun beda-2 ada Hip-hop, Experimental, Pop, tapi yang jelas sedikit ada selera banget deh…Oh ya, music disini free download winzip files, keren kan.. Kita percaya bahwa music itu seharusnya free, dan artis harus lebih creative dalam self promotion, seperti artis artis di hehhehe engage dengan Mercedes Benz that’s beautiful.

Tampak depannya cukup oke, dia slides content featuring video clip dari kompilasi Mercedes Benz ini, kalau di situ ada iklan Mercy the GLK SUV yang dengan elevator pitch “Mercedez, 180% from expected” wuihh, harganya kaleeeee…hhehehehehee…Tapi kita semua tahu lahh..Mercy is TOP OF THE LINE, dan mari kita nikmati Top of the line internet experience from them…Sekian dari gw…PISSSSS!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ahmad Dhani Marketing and Brand

Music Industry (entertaintment) penuh dengan sensasi, siapa yang bikin sensasi dialah yang di cintai, memasarkan music sangat tidak mudah, apa lagi dengan keluarnya PC dan Laptop yang sedikit banyak membantu pembajakan music secara legal dilengkapi dengan CD writer. Ahmad Dhani di sini adalah seorang sosok pemimpin yang membawa teman-temanya ke tempat yang lebih baik. Karena dia di permudah oleh regulasi pemerintah tentang pembajakan sehingga DEWA lah yang menjadi komoditi bukan CD DEWA yang distribusinya di kuasai label.


Ketika dari bandara LAX di Los Angeles saya barengan satu pesawat dengan DEWA menuju Jakarta, mama saya sempat ngobrol dengan mereka, dia adalah sosok yang selalu harus mendapat perhatian, di manapun dia berada, dan dia tahu bagaimana caranya mendapat perhatian itu. Ahmad Dhani mempunyai Network yang luas, dia sangat mengerti pentingnya networking di dunia bisnis, mungkin dia adalah Music Entrepreneur yang benar2 established di masa yang cukup muda.

TV Exposure

Dunia infotainment di Indonesia memang overblown, oleh karena itu dia butuh content, jadi di sini terjadi simbiosis mutualisme. Sejak awal ratu sudah bisa di mengerti tentang perbedaan segmen di Indonesia, yang tidak kena oleh DEWA akan di suguhi RATU, yang tidak kena juga, ada Andra and the Backbone, Once dan seterusnya, bahkan bukan tidak mungkin kalau dia memasuki dunia anak2.

Dalam Berbisnis

Large corporations mulai melirik selebritis untuk branding produk mereka. Peluang ini benar2 di manfaatkan oleh Ahmad Dhani. Dewi-Dewi mendapatkan endorsement dari salah satu consumer electronic product manufacture sebelum album mereka keluar, padahal nilai penjualan CD mereka di seluruh Indonesia belum tentu separo dari endorsement tersebut. Dhani bisa membuat group music apapun sekarang dan bakal laku di masyarakat.


Di kasus ini mungkin sangat didukung oleh leadership, bagaimana orang segitu banyak nurut ke program-program yang di tulis Dhani, kemungkinan dia tidak tahu apa-apa tentang marketing atau branding, tapi music business in Indonesia, dialah orangnya. Dia tahu sejak awal, bagaimana music bisa success di Indonesia, dia contoh best practiced SLANK waktu itu, dia masuk pada moment yang tepat, tapi perbedaan dia dengan SLANK adalah dia siapkan successor yang berlapis dan aggressive expansions. Dhani bisa memposisiskan dirinya bicara di hadapan UN Security Council,itu bukan hal yang biasa saja.

Akan ada pro-dan con tentang ini,di system yang demokratis rakyat Indonesia yang telah memilih.

Your friends,